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I'm so excited for this new step in 2018

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With each New Year there is always a sense of new excitement for me.  I love the idea of new possibilities and embracing the unknown.  As 2018 has taken off, it has proven to bring the same sense of adventure that I crave.  This year that adventure will include an official add to what Livemore offers.  While filmmaking remains my first love and source of much adrenaline for me, photography has been a growing passion in my life over the past 15 years and is a natural next step for the business.  I have been fortunate to capture landscapes all over the World.  I have taken photos of animals on safari and glowing glaciers on mountain cliffs but capturing life changing moments and life documenting events that stand frozen in time are at the top of the images I love most. I love for people, my family included, to be able to take a look at their phones, computers or walls of their homes and catch a glance of those special shots that bring incredible memories flooding back.  Sometimes a glance like that can get someone through the day knowing that the people and times captured there are what life is really all about. 

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I first remember wanting that “perfect shot” when I was in Alaska in 2003.  I was surrounded by the most incredible landscapes but all I had was a film point-n-shoot camera and pretty much no clue what I was doing. From there it has been a gradual step to today.  At the Cliffs of Moher in 2009 I was much more confident as I held a more substantial digital camera and began to really work on my craft.  Over the last few years I have included photography for many projects and it has been a joy to go back through them and remember those places and times.  Just in the last year I can so easily recall so many times where a photograph is worth far more than 1000 words. Capturing the hands of a woman carefully making jewelry that in return provides a life for herself and her children was one highlight of my time in Uganda.  Getting the shot that perfectly shows the love on the faces of a couple that just eloped on a cliff-side on a perfect fall day will be another memory I will never forget. Even things that seem so simple have provided so much joy for me like stepping into the yard with our family and being able to offer them a photo they are proud to put on a Christmas card or taking pictures of my newborn son as we celebrate his young life.

As we begin the adventure of 2018 I am excited to add photography to what we offer not only at weddings but for all kinds of experiences.  Couples that want to hike into the woods and explore creation; families who want the keepsake of that special moment in life; individuals traveling to new places and every other seemingly incredible adventure can all find a place to be captured here as we all live more together.  Livemore film AND photography!  What an awesome start to 2018!


I'm so excited for this announcement!  Connect with me to find out about an adventure couples session for only $200!


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