How much does it cost?

Your wedding is unique.  Each couple has their individual story that we want to capture.  Our packages are designed to be customized the way that best fits your wedding/elopement.  There are packages available and an assortment of add-ons that allow you to tailor the experience to include everything that's important to you.

Local full wedding film packages begin at $3700

Wedding Film/Photo Combo Packages begin at $6300

Local Elopement Adventures begin at $2500

What is a short film and what about the other stuff?

A short film is what you will watch thousands of times and share with everyone you know (and many you don't know).  It's your love story; it's the culmination of your lives now coming together as one.  The short film has the ability to take you back to that day and allows you to relive all the emotion and feelings you had.  

We understand the ceremony, toasts/speeches and other moments throughout the day are important keepsakes you might like captured.  We offer edits that include full versions of the ceremony, toasts/speeches and other long edits.  These are perfect to watch on your anniversaries and for sharing with those close to you.  Each package is customizable. 

Do you offer photos too?

We love capturing video and photo together.   We love helping you achieve a cohesive look to your big day.  Our team is used to working together to make everything run super smooth and help you have an enjoyable, stress free day!

Do you travel?

YES!  Anywhere.  Really, we will travel anywhere your story takes you.  We thrive on the uncommon and would love to go on an adventure with you anywhere in the world.  We are based out of Oxford, Alabama, but regularly film around the southeast and also travel as much as possible to distant locations.  Some of our favorite places to visit have been:  Alaska, Vancouver B.C., Uganda, Ireland, Palestine, The Smokies, Mt. Rainier NP and many other places...  Where do you want to go?  

What is your approach to shooting?

Genuine moments are what we live for.   We want to capture you being you.  There is a very candid approach to our films.  We don't do much posing or styling throughout the day.  We want your film to be genuine to the two of you.  Any instruction given will be taken in light of being authentic, not posed. 
We treasure good dialogue.  Sometimes it's the personal vows, sometimes it's the lack of words when you see each other for the first time.  Maybe it's a memory you maid of honor includes in her speech.  Audio is a vital part of your film.

We are very intentional about everything we capture, we're more than just a photographer in video mode. 

My friends have iPhones...can't they just get some video for me?

While iPhones have come a long way in their quality, we use professional equipment and have years of experience filming weddings.  A lot more goes into the day that just a few nice cameras.

Do you offer drone coverage?

We do.  We use a variety of cameras and gear to capture your story.  An aerial camera is another tool in our bag (a really cool tool we love to use).  Evan is a commercially licensed drone pilot and we will take the opportunity to fly anytime we can as long as weather and FAA airspace regulations allow.  

Is drone coverage really important to you?  We also partner with other pilots who offer coverage for multiple hours during the day to film while we are focused on you.  Just ask about that option.

What about the music in our film?

Music is a HUGE part of the emotional connection with your film.  We are very particular as we choose the track(s).  Imagine watching the Lion King with the Circle of Life replaced with the theme to Star Wars.  It just wouldn't be the same, would it?  Each selection we make is based off of our conversations and our attentive ear to the music used during your day.  Since your film will be online we must select from a catalog of licensable music.  Do you have a specific request?  let's talk and we can take that into account as we craft your film.

How many filmmakers do I need?

We do shoot a good many weddings with one filmmaker and believe that the experience we have in weddings allows us to capture many of the important moments.  Additional filmmakers, then, allows more moments to be captured and another perspective angle.  

Also, sometimes your day and schedule neccesitates more than a single person.  Is your wedding going to be in a large church with strict policies?  Will the bride and groom be getting ready in completely different locations?  Are there elements during the day that will happen simultaneously?  These are some things to think about as you decide. 

What do you wear to my wedding?

We try to blend in with your guests.  If you have a formal wedding we will be dressed to work but also blend in.  Is your wedding at a barn?  We'll probobly look like the rest of the folks there.

What does the booking process look like?

First, fill out the inquiry form here.  After we hear from you, we'll set up a phone or facetime call.  If you are local I also love to meet up with you face to face.  During this initial consultation, we mostly get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.  We will also talk some details about you, your fiancé and your wedding plans.  This will allow us to decide on the right package and options to best capture your story.  For booking, we require a 30% retainer and signed contract.  Both of these documents are digital and can be completed and paid online.  We look forward to talking with you!

How long does it take to get my film(s)?

Your film(s) are a keepsake you will cherish for a lifetime, and we know the excitement of reliving your day.  We strive to craft your short film and reveal it within a month of your wedding.  If you decide to add on a longer edit, a few months can be expected.  At any point during the process we are available to keep you up to date.  During the peak of wedding season, delivery times may be slightly extended.  Don't worry, we take great care to craft the perfect story.